Photography is such an important part of your wedding day. For me it isn't a job, it's a more of a passion and a vital part of who I am. I search for the special moments that most people ignore, that go unnoticed. I approach weddings from a very nontraditional view point and I want people to hire me for my personal vision and style, as that's what I put into every wedding I produce.

The Big Day
It's important to me not to miss any part of the day, to be able to create a story from beginning to end. I show up early to capture the day's preparations, the decorating of the wedding venue, the bride and groom dressing, nervously preparing for one of the biggest days of their lives. From the pre-wedding frazzled nerves to the big sigh of relief that happens after the ceremony is over to that certain look of serenity during the reception.

My style is largely dependent on the cameras and processing techniques utilized - both traditional and digital. I also integrate several of the cameras listed below depending on the tastes/desires of the Couple. Unless otherwise requested, color images will be photographed digitally whereas images captured with specialty cameras are usually captured with film.

I use a wide variety of cameras including plastic medium-format Holgas, 70's rangefinders, top-of-the line Canon 35mm (film and digital), Mamiya and Bronica medium format as well as Toyo and Speed Graphic 4x5 large-format cameras.

Film has its own unique style and quality. I use a wide variety of films for different occasions and effects. I have a huge affinity for super high speed grainy black & white film as well as muted color films. I love working with my Client's vision in order to give them something truly unique.

Digital technology has really advanced in the last several years. Shooting digital offers so many more options than is available with film. All images are shot in RAW format and are individually color corrected and adjusted for consistency and quality. Digital offers excellent post production options without the extra cost or time involved with scanning.

Additional Services
I also offer many additional services such as high-resolution drum scanning (the highest quality film scans available), professional retouching services and giclée digital printing services. Digital printing sizes are available up to 64" wide on a variety of media including archival cotton rag stocks, canvas, photo-based papers and even aluminum panel.

For the portfolio boxes and wedding albums, I only use highest quality products and materials. Images for these purposes are printed in house by our studio from high-resolution drum scans or digital capture files on an archival cotton rag paper. We also offer several options for matting and presentation of your final images.