I started shooting weddings back in the 90′s and have to admit,  I never thought I would be a wedding photographer and in fact even loathed the term “wedding photographer”. Somehow a niche was a found and with it, I found a way to really push myself creatively, which I didn’t think was possible with wedding photography in the beginning. There are amazing moments during a Couple’s day that I feel lucky to share. The intimacy, the tension, the true emotions, the realism present with weddings, I love and find myself being addicted to these things.

Working for Clients who are looking for something different makes me happy. Pushing my style into new areas makes me even happier. I love working in a collaborative way with the Couple and really feel this adds to the uniqueness with the body of work produced. For me success comes when the resulting body of work encompasses wedding images that I haven’t seen before or the images created have pushed me into some sort of new direction. I love to reinvent myself.

In addition to wedding photography, I run a high end digital imaging & printing studio – Hanson Digital. We provide commercial digital services such as high resolution drum scans, retouching and enhancement services, fine art digital printing and web design services. It’s great in that we work one on one with artists, photographers, designers and ad agencies to provide a very personalized service. Many of these services compliment some of the custom options that I offer my wedding Couples.

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